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Whip Mix Indirect Mounting Facebows

Whip Mix INDIRECT MOUNTING FACE-BOWS combine the time proven face-bow registration technique of the traditional “QUICKMOUNT” FACE-BOW with the many advantages of indirect mounting. The indirect mounting procedure offers the user more access, increased stability, greater ease of use, and optimum instrument efficiency.

Incorporating the indirect mounting technique does not require dramatic technique changes. The face-bow registration is taken on the patient utilizing the same technique as with the original Whip Mix “QUICKMOUNT” FACE-BOW. Once the registration is obtained, the transfer assembly is removed from the face-bow and positioned on to the lower frame of the articulator.

Three indirect mounting face-bows have been designed to be used with specific Whip Mix Articulators as described below in the chart.

Additional transfer assemblies are available separately which allow the operator to mount one case and, with the aid of an additional transfer assembly, have the face-bow available for a second face-bow registration.

Conversion Package

All Whip Mix “QUICKMOUNT” FACE-BOWS can be modified to have indirect mounting capability. The conversion package includes:

1 – Transfer Base Assembly (#9176A)
1 – Cross Bar (#8679)
1 – Transfer Assembly (See selection chart)