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Vericore PMMA

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Made with strength  beauty and stability in mind, Vericore milling discs are state-of -the-art materials that will satisfy you,  your dentists and most importantly, the patient. From high translucent zirconia made for monolithic full contour restorations or substructures, to burnout PMMA materials to wax, Whip Mix offers a wide variety of materials and sizes for multiple applications.  All Vericore discs offer a diameter of 98mm and are available with and without collars in a variety of sizes from 10mm to 25mm.

Vericore Disc materials & sizes


Whip Mix millable PMMA discs come in a variety of colors and chemistries, ideal for burnout patterns.

  • PMMA Clear is a sturdy see-through material that ensures positive seating and lets the technician clearly see the position of hte implant abutments, copings and bars underneath.
  • PMMA Blue is ideal to use because it makes determining the thickness easy.
  • PMMA Ivory is a natural-looking pattern material.