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QuickMount Magnetic System

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The QUICKMOUNT MAGNETIC SYSTEM allows the quick, precise and easy placement and removal of mounted casts on many of the most popular semi-adjustable and fully adjustable articulators. The end result is the saving of time and money.

The upper and lower members of the selected articulator are fitted with the QUICKMOUNT PLATE HOLDER which is used in place of the regular mounting plate screws and/or knobs. The QUICKMOUNT PLATES are made of a highly-filled composite resin material and are held precisely and firmly in place by the mounting plate pins and the rare earth super magnet. Each QUICKMOUNT PLATE can be easily removed by simply breaking the magnetic contact. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming process of screwing the plates on and off.

The WHITE MOUNTING PLATE is designed for use with Whip Mix, Panadent or Hanau 2 Pin articulators.