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No more guesswork. No more silver wire tests. ProCheck verifies the accuracy of your Pro Series furnace temperature calibration. With so many variables affecting the outcome of porcelain firing, determining the root cause of inconsistencies can be challenging.

But now you can know with certainty whether the cause is your furnace temperature.  Simply place the ProCheck firing tray, plug in the ProCheck and dial the QC temperature. In just a few minutes, the ProCheck LED lights clearly indicate 1) Way Underfire, 2) Mild Underfire, 3) On Temperature, 4) Mild Overfire, or 5) Way Overfire.

  • You can verify accuracy and repeatablity.
  • No costly silver wire expense, no porcelain tab expense, no slow “trial and error” with cool down cylcles between iterations.
  • One, easy to use kit can be used to check all Pro Series furnaces and insure they all fire the same, relative to each other.


*Limited Quantities Available

Item No. Description
95026 ProCheck 200 Series Adaptor
95020 ProCheck