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P.D.Q. Kit – Prep Dies Quickly

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The P.D.Q. KITis designed to facilitate the production of conventional crown and bridges and refractory dies for all-porcelain restorations. Each kit contains half-ounce bottles of stone hardener, blue and grey spacer liquids and lubricant, each with a convenient brush applicator and packaged in a functional plastic organizer for convenient access. The kit also includes a one-ounce bottle of thinner formulated for use with both the space liquids and the hardener. Each item in the kit is available separately.


P.D.Q. HARDENERa liquid polymer that is painted on the stone die. It soaks into the stone pores to seal, harden and waterproof. It protects margins, yet does not change the dimensions. This hardener also prevents water absorption from porcelain during build-up.


P.D.Q. SPACERliquids each provide a 12 micron space in a single coating. Alternating blue and grey colors ensure thickness — two applications provide the optimum 24 microns of space to relieve dies. The liquids are extremely fast setting to maximize efficiency and are highly visible.


P.D.Q. LUBRICANTis a water soluble lubricant with low surface tension that will form an extremely thin, even film. It facilitates the removal of wax patterns.


P.D.Q. THINNERmay be used with both the Spacer liquids and the Hardener as required to restore optimum handling properties. Thinner replenishes the liquid that evaporates if the bottle is left uncovered.


Note: These products cannot ship by Air, Ground Freight Only

Item No. Description
P.D.Q. KIT (Prep Dies Quickly)
10839 Complete P.D.Q. Kit, including Hardener, Blue & Grey Spacer, Lubricant & Thinner
Items also available separately:
10820 28 ml (1 oz.) P.D.Q. Thinner
10812 14 ml (1/2 oz.) P.D.Q. Lubricant
10804 14 ml (1/2 oz.) P.D.Q. Spacer, Grey
10790 14 ml (1/2 oz.) P.D.Q. Spacer, Blue
10626 14 ml (1/2 oz.) P.D.Q. Hardener