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MainStay™ Articulator System

Articulating your way!

The MainStay™ Disposable Articulator System was designed to save you time, money and waste. This system of disposable articulators does not require model formers or a gypsum base, and adjusts to accommodate any occlusal relationship. Its base was designed without external walls or raised edges to prevent interference with the seating of dies and model segments. This unique feature also means that it can easily be used with gypsums of all expansion ratios.

Choose between Pin Models in Full Arch, Anterior and Quadrant sizes. Pinless Models offered in a Quadrant size.


  • No External Walls- Flat table for easy removal and replacement of segments
  • Support Rods- Built-in to provide a vertical stop, ideal for edentulous models
  • Hinges- Durable and easy to separate. Resists breakage. Can be heated for custom occlusal relationship.

Pin System

  • Stability of the MainStay™ Pins
  • Numbered bases for quick, easy reference of die placement
  • No drilling- saves time
  • Raised anti-rotational spine prevents movement of die

Pinless System

  • Excellent for scanning
  • No pinning, no drilling, no gluing- saves time
  • Built-In anti-rotational spine prevents movement of die
  • Numbered bases for quick, easy reference of die placement