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Hanau™ Wide-Vue Arcon 183-2

The HANAU™ Wide-Vue Articulator is a semi-adjustable tracking, Arcon-type Articulator.

  • Lingual visibility is unobstructed and is the most generous of any articulating instrument. This open format allows for easy viewing during positioning and observation of tooth-to-tooth contacts of cast models and final prosthetic appliances.
  • The Wide-Vue readily accepts the HANAU™ Spring Bow, Earbow or the Facia Facebow.
  • The incisal guidance fits into an anterior slot; Move the guidance forward or backward to maintain vertical alignment.
  • Standard equipment includes: Adjustable Bennett (0 degrees to 30 degrees), Adjustable Condylar Guidance (-20 degrees to +60 degrees), Adjustable Incisal Guide, Orbitale Indicator, Dual End Incisal Pin,  Technique Manual.
  • Accessories available are: Flat Plastic Anterior Table, Broadrick Plane Analyzer, Adjustable Incisal Pin.

The Wide-Vue Articular is Arcon in principle. It is easier for students and clinicians to relate its movements to the human mandible because the Condylar Guidances are associated with the Upper Articular Member, as the patient’s Glenoid Fossa is a portion of the cranium. The Condyle of the Articulator is a part of the Lower Member and functions as the condyle of the patient’s mandible.

Wide-Vue 3-D Animation

*Wide-Vue Arcon Articulators come complete with: dual-end incisal pin, orbitale indicator, and instruction manual.