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Hanau™ Modular Articulator System

The Modular Articulator is an extremely flexible semi-adjustable instrument which may be adapted to match multiple case requirements. This articulator features a system of component parts which are interchangeable and allow the user the ability to achieve proper occlusion for each individual case.

  • Semi-Adjustable, Arcon-type modular articulator.
  • Complex computer-machined, Radial Shift curvatures are already carved into the fossae. They guide the casts forward, downward and inward simultaneously much like the motion found in natural anatomy.
  • The Modular Articulator permits you to select guidances which will help you achieve optimum cusp/fossae harmony.
  • The feature of the curved 19mm (3/4″) radius simulates average anatomical movements.
  • Two different types of incisal guides are available: One for use with fast setting acrylic; the other guide is adjustable anteriorly/posteriorly and laterally.
  • Precision machining allows transfer of casts from one Modular Articulator to another.
  • Positive Centric achieved with our new Snap Latch Lock.The following Modular Articulators are equipped with Adjustable Incisal Guides; Dual-End Incisal Pins on a Fixed Width Frame measuring 110mm between Condyles. They are equipped with Track Locks (Positive Centric Latches) which may be adjusted to a closed position to prevent upper and lower frames from separating accidentally. Condylar Inclinations may be adjusted from 0 degrees to 90 degrees.