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Denar® D5A

The D5A fully adjustable articulator has independently adjustable fossae walls that can be easily adjusted to duplicate a patient’s condylar path of movement as recorded by the pantograph. Fully adjustable. Arcon construction simulates true anatomical structure. Adjustments: protrusive angle 0-60 degrees; immediate side shift 0-4mm; progressive side shift 0-30 degrees rear wall 30 degrees backward; top wall 30 degrees up, 30 degrees down; intercondylar distance 90-150mm. Medial and Superior wall inserts: removable for custom grinding; choice of curvatures. Adjustable incisal table (T3), custom step incisal table (T2) and long centric incisal pin (P2) are standard. Lingual visibility allows for easy viewing and access to models from the rear of the instrument. Comes complete with: 10 disposable mounting plates, wrench pack, carrying case and instruction manual.


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