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Denar® Combi Accessories

Determinant Index System


In cases involving an adjustment to the occlusion where condylar path angulation is critical, the D.I.S. helps the clinician select the appropriate fossae. Using a protrusive checkbite record, the D.I.S. is easy to use and designed for recording a patient’s condylar path on the Combi. By simply squeezing the casts together, the amount of horizontal and vertical displacement of the condyle can be accurately measured for use in monitoring splint therapy and analyzing cephalometric radiographs.


Comes complete with:One set of Determinant Indexes and one set each of 25°, 30°, 35°, 40° and 45° fossae inserts.


Combi Clutches


10 pair Combi Clutches for precise custom condylar path recordings.


Combi Fossae Inserts


10 Pair 0º Fossae for precise custom condylar path recordings