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Denar® Accurad-200 Transcranial System

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The DENAR® transcranial headholder attaches easily and securely to standard dental x-ray machines. It is lightweight to provide patient comfort and easy maneuvering. For convenient evaluation of the TMJ, the Accurad-200 allows six radiographs to be taken on one 5″ X 7″ film – three of the right side, and three of the left.

  • Universal Adapter.
  • Twin Axis Adjustment Wheel.
  • Calibrated Reference Positioners.
  • Lead Letter Identification.
  • Complete with 20cm (8″), 30cm (12″), and 40cm (16″) Cone Technique Lead Apertures.


  • Allows the unit to be used with most dental x-ray units (round or rectangular tube-heads).
  • Sets the central x-ray beam from 0-10 degrees posterior with 15-25 degrees superior inclination to provide optimal view of the TMJ anatomy.
  • Provides quantifications of patient positioning to ensure repeatability throughout progressive treatment.
  • Patient’s right and left is identified directly on radiograph for convenience.
  • Allows adaptability to various x-ray units.

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Item No. Description
8160 5″ X 7″ Patient Film Envelopes for use with Accurad-200 (pkg of 5O)
100474-1 5″ X 7″ Cassette with Lanex Rare Earth Screens