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3000 Series Articulator

Model 3040

Incorporating a new frame design featuring:

  • Tracking fossae which allow upper and lower frames to remain together during excursive movements
  • Wide posterior access which gives enhanced visibility and lingual access
  • Durable Delrin® condyle elements which provide silky-smooth condylar movements
  • Single centric lock which engages with a simple finger movement
  • “Accumount System” of Interchangeability which allows accurate interchanging of casts between articulators
  • Generous interframe distance for bulky casts and die systems
  • Condyle release mechanisms to permit easy separation of upper and lower frames, if desired
  • Condylar guidance featuring:
    • Adjustable condylar inclination
    • Progressive side shift
    • Fixed intercondylar distance of 110 mm

Model 3140

The MODEL 3140 is identical to the MODEL 3040 ARTICULATOR, but offers a different type of condylar guidance. Each condylar guide assembly has the lower wall reduced which allows the articulator to function like an open fossa articulator during excursive movements and a closed tracking articulator during simple hinge movement.

*Both models are recommended for dentures